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I am a lover of writing and a lover of Jesus so because of this much of my writing is faith based.  I believe that God is intricately involved with every aspect of my life.  One thing that I realized years ago is that God seems to use music and sermons a lot to inspire my writing.  God keeps giving me more, and more fiction to write.  

I grew up a military brat but stayed in Abilene, Texas, when my dad retired until I graduated high school.  I then moved to Springfield, Missouri, to go to Bible college.  After graduating, I soon joined the Air Force in Security Forces, and after one enlistment, I returned to Abilene to get a teaching degree.  I currently live in Boerne, Tx.



I decided to publish under C.J. Korryn mainly because I wanted something that would stick out, catch the eye, and make it easier to find and follow me on social media platforms.  There is a sea of people with the name “Chris Jackson” from famous authors to sports players to musicians and painters, so I decided to find a pen name that few people had. 

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a freshman in high school when I had a vocabulary assignment in which I had to write a fiction story using the vocabulary words.  I have never stopped writing since, first writing my dreams into short stories.

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Here are a few of my favorite things to do, although I don’t do them near as often as I would like to….

I love to dance almost any style of dance.  My favorite style, mostly because it is so easy, is two step.  I first fell in love with dancing when I took salsa classes in Cocoa Beach Florida.  I have also dabbled in swing dancing, blues dancing, and even ballet dancing.   

I enjoy hiking and camping and have recently decided (now that I have taken to full time writing) to start doing this more. I can sit for hours and appreciate nature while I sit and write. If I want to take a break from writing I can take a nice hike or read. 

Reading fiction is another of my favorite things to do, though I don’t read near as much as I would like to. Some of this is because I spend the majority of my time writing, being involved in church, or just hanging out with friends.

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