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Publishing Helps

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On this page, you will find tips, hints, and more for starting your publishing journey.

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Click the icon to learn about publishing and some common misconceptions surrounding publishing.

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A Few Tips & Hints For Publishing

 Be sure to create an author webpage!  It is NEVER too early to create one.


Don't try and "save money" on editing or cover art. Pretty much every author will tell you that. 

Nowadays, we don’t need to buy USB numbers, most publishers provide those. I buy my own so I know that I own 100% of the book this way. Even the ISBN.


Most sales are digital (Nook, Kindle, and the such), but I also have print copies available to sell personally and online. 

Tip for writing: always save all digital copies. The first book that I published, I accidentally deleted my edited copy and sent the publisher an unedited version. It was a vanity publisher, so they published my book with a bunch of errors in it. I had them remove the book, and I had to start over with my edits. 

My lesson learned: I always save every draft from first words to finished copy on several flash drives.

I suggest not to use vanity publishers to publish as they usually have no standards for publishing. You pay them to publish, and they do it. Every additional service costs, and the advertising for your book is extremely lacking.

The publishers I use are Amazon and Ingram spark, though Draft2Digital and Publish Drive are pretty good ones too.

There are many more tips and hints, but checking out the online resources will give you those as you watch them.

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