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Publishing Helps

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Below are a few online resources that may help you in your publishing journey.

A few resources that I use regularly are - it is a one-stop shop for pretty much anything an author would need, editing, cover art, etc. 

Book Brush, Book Bub, Canva, and Grammarly are a few more great author tools.  

One of the absolute best resources for authors (both traditional and indie authors) is SPF University. It is a "university" in name only, but it is a great resource for authors and definitely worth purchasing the courses.

SPF University offers courses that will help you improve your advertising campaigns, gain traction on social media, and much more. Even the basic courses are invaluable, in my opinion. 

Click HERE to check out the courses.


The below podcasts and youtube channels were invaluable to me when I first pursued publishing...I only wish that I had discovered them sooner!

Self Publishing Formula

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Ingram Spark podcasts and videos

The Creative Penn

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Six Figure Authors Podcast


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Author Level Up

Writing with Jenna Moreci

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Dale L. Roberts

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