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This book is a collection of three short stories, all faith based.  

The Saint, The Saint is an allegory about the Armor of God. The Saint is a traveler on a journey to The Great City. During his journey he encounters many adversaries and engages in battle—to the death! He uses his armor to defend himself and conquer his enemies  content rating: GA

Trin, Trin follows Prince Trin who infiltrates his enemy’s camp, in hopes of convincing its citizens to return home, back to the kingdom ruled by his father. He gains popularity in the city and the enemy makes several attempts to capture him. When they finally succeed, his followers all but disappear. What will become of his teachings? content rating: GA

Omega Station, is overrun with genetically altered alien life forms. The security forces evacuate the station, but before they can take the last of the escape pods themselves, the power mysteriously shuts off. Trapped, they now have to fight for their very lives as they try to get the station’s systems back on line, before the aliens pick them off one by one! content rating: GO


2018 CLA nominee

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content rating: VI, SC

Called by God to live by a faith that falls dangerously close to insanity, Noah begins a grand project that will consume him. Noah refuses to listen to reason and insists that his faith is real. His family doubts him, and he is ostracized from his city. One by one, those that he loves begin to understand and grow a faith of their own that will forever change their lives.     As their world ends and a new world begins, so do their trials.  Along with their new life at sea comes new adversity.  Adversity that they had never imagined and new experiences that they would never forget. 

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2019 CLA nominee


content rating: SVI

As the title implies, these books are collections of short stories consisting mostly of dramatizations inspired by biblical passages in the Bible with a few short stories based on simple biblical themes.    

content rating: GA

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content rating: SVI, LA

Insurrection is a space opera about a group of military officers who wake up from stasis 200 years into the future and soon discover that the human race has been enslaved.
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The first season of  The Valley of Yeshen follows a group of warriors as they set out on a quest to retrieve a sacred herb to save their priest-king. In doing so they inadvertently start a war.  
you can read it for as little as $2.00 a month.  The first five installments are free.  If you like it, then subscribe and see what happens next. 

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content rating: SGO, SVI

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